Tampa Ranks as Top Spot for Startups

Tampa has grown immensely over the past few years thanks in large part to aspiring entrepreneurs incubating their big ideas in the city on the rise. It’s the number one city people are moving to for a reason. Fortune magazine released a list of the hottest cities for startups back in August based on a report from the Kaufman Foundation.

Tampa found itself on that list along with the Austin, Miami, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. All you have to do is spend a few minutes in Tampa Bay Wave to witness the inexhaustible energy and innovation that has helped propel our city into the national spotlight.


The list utilized three data points to score each city: the rate of new entrepreneurship (.35% in Tampa), which looks at the number of new entrepreneurs in a given month per 100,000 people; the number of businesses that open because entrepreneurs see a new market opportunity (68% in Tampa); and startup density, which looks at the number of businesses less than one year old with one more more employees (95 in Tampa).

The MBA program at the University of Tampa ranks among the elite in the country, which has helped produce a skilled and eager workforce in the city. New apartment towers, an eclectic mix of foodie spots, concert venues that continue to lure some of the top acts in the world to our city and an abundance of local events on the Riverwalk have made Tampa the destination to plant roots and grow your business. Startups like Health Hero Inc, Nitro Mobile Solutions LLC and KiteDesk Inc. have garnered serious buzz in their short time in Tampa and have paved the way for bright ideas to flourish.


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