Tampa food hall now serves fried chicken in waffle cones

Photo of 2-story brick building in Tampa

The viral food sensation has arrived in the city of Tampa. We’re talking about fried chicken and waffle cones. The delicious dish can be found at Fork and Hen inside The Hall on Franklin, Tampa’s revolutionary food hall.

The food vendor serves up Southern charm. Its dishes include a savory, and giant chicken and waffles plate, a stacked Nashville hot chicken sandwich, garlic parmesan waffle fries, and fried cornbread with lavender butter.


Fork and Hen isn’t the only savory spot serving up a unique treat. Bake’n Babes is often launching some wild milkshake you won’t find anywhere else.

They caught Lizzo’s attention with their shake inspired by the music icon. For Oktober Fest, they launched a special Freak Shake topped with a soft pretzel and savory cupcake.

Need more Hall on Franklin news? Fork & Gallina just recently debuted and they’re serving up super sweet zeppole.


The Hall on Franklin is located at 1701 North Franklin Street.


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