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Our guide to the must-visit breweries in Tampa

The interior of BarrieHaus

One of the best things about the entire Tampa Bay region is the absolute smorgasbord of craft breweries in the area. Of the state’s 400+ breweries, nearly ¼ of them can be found within a short drive (or even walk) from downtown Tampa.

Thanks to the huge selection, there are plenty of options right here in town to satisfy any sized beer craving. Ranging from national brands like Cigar City, to statewide staples like Coppertail, and right down to local favorites like Woven Water, you can spend days on end brewery hopping, and never have the same experience twice.


This list certainly isn’t definitive (going through every single brewery in the area would take up quite a bit of bandwidth), but consider this an introductory guide to some of our favorite breweries and taprooms in Tampa. Let us know your favorite brewery in the comments! We are always looking to broaden our brewery horizons.

Angry Chair Brewing

Taking its name literally, you’ll want to keep an eye on where you sit here. No spoilers, but the chairs are a bit unique. A haven for beer geeks (now open in a new space), this Seminole Heights brewery packs a lot into a smaller space. There’s no food, but deliveries are welcome so you can stay and enjoy the wide range of beers.

4101 N Florida Ave


BarrieHaus Beer Co

Among the newer breweries in town, BarrieHaus is run by a family that has been brewing beer for over 150 years. True to their German roots, the tap list specializes almost exclusively in lagers, the smooth and crisp beers that take extra time and care to brew. The understated tap room and outdoor seating areas make it feel like a biergarten right in the middle of Ybor City.

1403 E 5th Ave

Bay Cannon Beer Company

Another brewery that puts an emphasis on providing more than just good beer, Bay Cannon offers wine and sangria, and has an extensive (and enticing) menu to keep you fed while you hang out in the bright, airy tap room.

2106 W Main St

Cigar City Brewing

While Cigar City isn’t an independent craft brewery, there’s something to be said for a beer known across the country that started right here at home. Jai Alai is the star, certainly, but the entirety of their Florida-themed beer list is worth sampling. The Florida Man Double IPA is worth it for the name alone (and it tastes great, too).

3924 W Spruce St

Coppertail Brewing Co.

In a beautiful facility just outside Ybor, Coppertail’s tasting room is among the more elegant anywhere, featuring a deep list of core staples and small batch experiments alike. One big reason to visit: the food. The creators in the kitchen at Coppertail consistently produce interesting (and delicious) specials on a surprisingly large menu.

2601 E 2nd Ave

Hidden Springs Ale Works

Hidden Springs can best be described in one word: funky. In personality, in presentation, and in the glass, Hidden Springs is downright fun, and just a little weird. In a good way. Their offerings run the gamut, but they specialize in sours, fruited ales, and assorted creamy goodness.

1631 N Franklin St

Magnanimous Brewing

Also a coffee shop starting at 7 am daily, you can spend an entire day at Magnanimous and have all your beverage needs taken care of. Some of the friendliest service in the city is paired with a relaxed taproom and an excellent selection of beers on draft.

1420 N Florida Ave

Southern Brewing and Winery

Want to change it up a little bit? Southern not only makes beer, but an entire line of house-made wine, cider, mead, sodas and more. If you’re looking for a place that has something for everyone, this is your stop.

4500 N Nebraska Ave

Tampa Bay Brewing Company

One of the Bay’s most recognized breweries across Florida, TBBC actually has two tap rooms in Tampa, one in Westchase and one in Ybor. Both have great beer and a full food menu, so pick whichever one is closest (or flip a coin) and stop on in.

1600 E 8th Ave, or 13937 Monroes Business Park

Woven Water Brewing Company

One of the newer breweries to the area, Woven Water is quickly becoming one of Tampa’s favorites. The intimate tasting room offers prime socializing, but the beers are truly the stars here, with a tap list ranging daily from ultra-hoppy to mouth-puckeringly sour, with plenty in between. Grab some cans to go, where the artwork on the labels shines almost as much as the liquid inside.

456 W Columbus Dr

Zydeco Brew Werks

Trading the swamp for the bayou, Zydeco’s Ybor City facility transports guests straight to New Orleans. The beer is great, to be sure, but it’s the po’boys, gumbo and shrimp ‘n grits that’ll keep you coming back for more. Grab a stool and enjoy the lively atmosphere.1902 E 7th Ave


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