Tampa Bay Lightning named Team of the Year by Sports Business Journal

Photo of a hockey team celebrating a goal

The Tampa Bay Lightning just keep on winning. The back-to-back Stanley Cup winners are currently on the quest for a third straight championship. Diehard hockey fans, and casual spectators alike can immerse themselves in the Tampa Bay Lightning experience. Their dedication to their community, their captivating performances on the ice, and continued franchise success have earned them recognition as Team of the Year by the Sports Business Journal.

“The Lightning’s off-ice success in the past year has mirrored the on-ice performance, with the franchise becoming the third team to win back-to-back Stanley Cups (2020 and 2021) since 1998,” wrote the judges when explaining their decision. “New season-ticket revenue totaled $5.7 million while sponsorship revenue numbers were 120% of the NHL league average, including a 10% year-over-year increase.”


inside a hockey rink with blue and white lights flashing on the ice

Tampa Bay Lightning are the top team on and off the ice

“Another trophy we can drink out of,” Lighting CEO Steve Griggs said. Whether you’re cruising downtown on the Lightning Zamboni, enjoying a viewing experience inside Amalie Arena, participating in the Thunder Alley watch parties, or celebrating at Bolts Brew Fest, the Tampa Bay Lightning have a way of showing love for their fans.

The Lightning have such a devoted following that one area diehard created one of the most electric lawn displays we’ve ever seen to celebrate the champs. Click HERE for photos.


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