Sushi Go will debut Japanese-Brazilian cuisine in Tampa this month

exterior of an apartment tower with a rounded corner, and a yellow parking garage taking up the first two floors.

Another day, another new restaurant announcement for Tampa. Sushi Go is set to open its doors on June 11 at 1208 E Kennedy Boulevard Suite 115. Diners will be treated to a unique blend of Japanese and Brazilian cuisines. The chef assures diners that this is unlike any restaurant you’ve tried before in the region.

“Sushi-go Tampa is born out of the energy and spirit of these two cultures, a coalition that took root in the early 20th century when more than 200 thousand Japanese citizens immigrated to Brazil in search of a new life and shared their rich gastronomy and culture with those who were already there,” wrote the owners in a statement on the restaurant’s website.


Sushi Go sets roots near Water Street Tampa

Teased rolls include the Hot Philly, 8 pieces of tempura hossomaki breaded in panko flour, fried with tare sauce, sesame seeds and green onions, and the sealed sashimi, 6 slices of sealed salmon with thai sweet chili, tare sauce, cream cheese, sesame seeds and green onions.

The East Kennedy location puts it just a stone’s throw from Port Tampa Bay, and the ever rising Water Street Tampa neighborhood. You can keep up with Sushi Go by following the restaurant on Instagram.

I’m still not fully certain of what to expect from Brazilian sushi, but I’m definitely ready to give it a try.


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