Stone Soup Company owner announces retirement

The Stone Soup Company is my top comfort food spot in all of Tampa. Its owner and entire in-house team are community fixtures who have worked tirelessly to feed their loyal customers, and support those most in need in Ybor City and beyond. Former owner and CEO Ilya Benjamin just announced he would be retiring, and will covert the restaurant to an employee-owned model.

“I wanted to share an exciting update that on November 1, 2022, myself the owner of The
Stone Soup Company made the incredible decision to sell 100% of my equity to transition the
business to an emplovee-owned company with the help of Teamshares, a national company
helping small businesses become employee owned,” wrote Benjamin in a statement posted on Facebook.


Benjamin continues, “It allows to us to retire early as we set course for the next chapter in our lives while
leaving behind a Legacy for our employees. This ensures that Stone Soup can never be sold
again and will around for many years of growth.”

Following the sale of Stone Soup, Teamshares will hire a President of this Tampa Company. Stone Soup gained renown amongst locals for its sensational Cuban sandwich, and irresistible brunch offerings. We’re happy to see this institution stay the course here in Tampa.


“I will be around for the next ninety days so come in say hello, have a drink with me, and can
laugh about old times,” wrote Benjamin. “I promise I will be around and work in our community to make a
contribution. Lastly, i wanted to thank all of you for making Stone Soup Company what it is
today and for your loyalty, my family and staff can’t thank you enough.”

Keep up with Stone Soup on Facebook. Visit the restaurant at 1919 E 7th Avenue.

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