Steepologie, Tampa’s largest tea store, features more than 280 teas

Tea jars lined up across the wall

Steepologie is a proverbial tea library located inside International Plaza. The quaint concept is bursting with flavors. In addition to being your connection to the widest array of tea types, Steepologie also has products such as infused, mugs, cups, filters, and adorable. tea pots.

The concept just recently opened inside International Plaza in the city of Tampa. The sprawling mall is already home to celebrated food concepts such as Whiskey Cake, Doc Bs, The Pub, Rocco’s Tacos, and Amorino Gelato.


Steepologie features Japanese Matcha, and tons of Chai

Some of our personal favorite teas include the smooth coconut chai tea, the warming smoky chai tea, Japanese matcha, peachy keen, and organic turmeric cider tea. In addition to loose leaf tea, Steepologie also offers up more than 50 bagged teas. The concept is open daily, and guests are welcome to visit and browse, and maybe learn about their next favorite blend from their local tea tenders.

Steepologie also has a robust online presence, with stores across the country. You can learn a bit more about the concept, and/or order bundles or join a tea subscription by visiting their website.


Don’t forget, local tea lovers, a wild Mad Hatter’s Gin & Tea Party experience is coming to the city of Tampa this summer.

If you’re more in the mood for some fresh boba tea, and a giant mochi ice cream bar, visit TeaStori, one of the top hidden gems in Tampa.

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