The SpookEasy Lounge plans an expansion in Ybor City

a large letter couch is tucked behind a red velvet curtain.
Photo inside the original SpookEasy Lounge.

The SpookEasy Lounge, owned and operated Kat and Evan Traver, is the coolest lounge in the city of Tampa, and if you want to visit you’ll need to pass through a bookcase above The Stone Soup Company. Kat and Evan Traver have created a space where it’s Halloween all year, and soon they’ll expand the SpookEasy in Ybor.

So, what’s the SpookEasy all about?


Something spirited lurks behind the bookcase on the second floor of the Stone Soup Company. No, it’s not a ghosts vampire or Demogorgon. Press the right spine on the shelf and the cases will retract to reveal the SpookEasy Lounge — a lush gothic escape in Ybor.

The lounge describes itself as the most haunted kratom and kava bar in the city. The delicate stained glass window, wine red walls and decadent leather seats make you feel like you’re on the set of the original Nosferatu.

One of the spot’s first customers raved about the kratom green with caramel. Even if you’re not in the market for a drink, this spot caters to those with a penchant for adventure.

The SpookEasy is constantly activating its space. Guests enjoyed Magic: The Gathering game nights, pop up movie screenings, late night open mics, and of course a bit of terrifying trivia.

Downstairs you can enjoy the always exceptional Cuban sandwich at Stone Soup Company — and then sneak back upstairs for a proper fright. The owners partnered with Stone Soup so visitors can choose from a wide variety of beverages, including Stone Soup’s full liquor bar and coffee and tea selection.


The menu at this alcohol-free lounge is deep.

Teas on the menu include Vampire Blood, White Witch, and Frankenstein’s monster. Kava lovers can indulge in The Creature, a Hawaiian kava that’s never dried. The brave at heart can sip on The Beetlejuice, a custom blend of three different Fijian kavas.

Guests can also mix herbal teas into their own conceptions. Varieties include Passion flower, Peppermint Leaf, Chai Green, and Wormwood. The SpookEasy serves up Death Wish Coffee, and crafts its own Kava and Kratom Lattes.

Be mindful of the pictures on the wall, though, they’re known to follow you as you enter the lounge.

SpookEasy Lounge is the Victorian fever dream we’ve been yearning for.

Where is the SpookEasy Lounge located? The SpookEasy Lounge is located on the second floor of the Stone Soup Company, 1919 E 7th Ave.

You can learn about SpookEasy’s hours by visiting their Facebook page and following its Instagram. Official details on its brand new speakeasy space will be revealed soon.


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