SoTampa Sampler: Publix opens in Channel District, Duckweed debuts liquor store

Exterior of Publix at the Channel Club in Tampa

The grocery scene in Tampa continues to blossom. If you’re fortunate enough to live in the Channel District, you’re basking in a fresh produce and meals-to-go glory. Publix just officially debuted its anticipated Channel Club store, and Duckweed, a local urban grocery store, just added top shelf liquor to its roster of items.[0]=68.ARDXTThWd-hjImkjzgpPEf39_8_AzFUd5mWcC_HoqnAN-RIe0v8JNtUaeQGnAI-nHqsMNYC_yxB6sb7dpOvWHLXrnwaO2B0YJPqAMZ_IDq93TZteOkUYXQizGETL2o9BYL9s2ZXNhCpUNgDrv4bYN8lClg9cBhRhCXhFTaA5_DO1AnHnBppY7MI2sjW2An9v6IncUBTzRMsxwu7ceeJmRbY8caXo6xW4lBT-oITCxqY6ax1Jz0a-jNSfs-d82JGnXvsGTliUerBEzF6lXy8Zy-biZnk4QFYdi32Odv5HywPO4arXEslUfCZcQnA67ATdaAmjY49UI5fBPCtF08ZOGRxx5wZk_JKVz4blau-sUZ8LK8p7NQNaocYefxJi8Q0SDdHCEGfci6D6Z72CbdNWBKYWyF5-Ge0Oso8-3v4qbNN-0nmg&__tn__=-R

With thousands of new residents moving into downtown, and more developments rising, it makes sense that access to grocery stores would hit the top of the priority list for residents, officials and reps from Publix.


The new Publix Market is located at 1105 E Twiggs Street at The Channel Club. It’s not the only market opening in the area.

A Greenwise Market, Publix new health food focused concept, will open near Amalie Arena within the next 2 years.

A local grocery, Duckweed, just added a big selection of top shelf liquors to its Channelside shop.

Duckweed also announced a new grocery delivery service for Duck Dash Delivery. There are several grocery delivery apps out there currently, but one that caters specifically to a local audience from a local store could mean lower delivery fees, and speedier delivery times.

Duckweed’s Channelside store is located at 117 N 12th Street. Duckweed also has a shop in downtown Tampa at 803 North Tampa Street. A store in Seminole Heights in planned for Fall 2019, and another in the Westshore Marina District will open sometime in 2020.

Visit Duckweed’s website for more details.

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