Shaq aka DJ Diesel to perform in Tampa this March

dj performing by a pool at sunset

Shaq is coming to Tampa! The basketball legend, broadcast personality, and actor is set to spin as DJ Diesel at WTR Pool in Tampa. The scenic space offers some of the best cocktails and views in the entire region. WTR is Tampa’s ultimate waterside Daylife destination. Overlooking beautiful Tampa Bay, WTR provides guests with a memorable experience of poolside luxury and fun with the biggest DJs in the world playing at the best pool party in Florida.

The world’s biggest DJ will spin at WTR on March 13. You can learn more and RSVP online. You may not know Shaq as a premier DJ, but over the past several years the NBA legend has carved out a space for himself in the industry.


Shaq loves the art of DJ’ing

“Diesel sets are a riot. I always tell fans to come for a journey that they’ll never forget. We’re going to head-bang, sing, laugh, cry and most importantly all be together,” Shaq said in an interview for

“Athletes who want to be musicians don’t understand that you can’t just use your platform to become successful. If the art you put out is wack, people will politely—or rudely—say, ‘No thank you.'” Shaq said in the same interview. “For me, I realized that from the jump. I put myself in the studio with Redman, Erik Ermon, Al Skratch, Def Jef, and other legendary musicians and told them to teach me. It’s all about positioning yourself around the right people.”

WTR is located at 7700 W Courtney Campbell Causeway Suite B. Follow WTR on Instagram.



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