Seminole Heights’s Ebisu Sushi Shack makes for the best sushi date night

*Feature image from Ebisu Sushi Shack’s Facebook Page.

If you are ready to put an Orange Sunrise Roll in your mouth and smile big as Totoro, head to the Ebisu Sushi Shack. No far from from Ella’s Americana Folk Art Cafe, this Seminole Heights bungalow is serving up some of the best sushi in town.


Sushi and people used to be best friends

Yes, this sushi spot is inside a converted house and sits a little back from Nebraska Avenue with a nondescript sign, but don’t let this facade fool you because Ebisu has some fantastically fresh and creative sushi rolls.

Our personal favorite is the Orange Sunrise roll with Spicy Yellow Tail, cucumber, topped with salmon, lemon, roe and Ponzu sauce. Their Godzilla roll is also yummy with spicy salmon, cucumber topped with spicy tuna tempura chips, spicy mayo and eel sauce.


Besides these house specialties, Ebisu chefs are dicing up sashimi, nigiri and all the other classic rolls like your standard California and Tuna Roll. Don’t sleep on their miso soup or their Donburi, a comforting bowl of salmon, tuna, chicken or veggies over rice.

Catch the early-bird special for a cheap date night

Be warned, Ebisu’s parking is rather tight, their decor is not going to wow you (ok, there are some pretty awesome Japanese movie posters) and it can get busy – but, forget all of that and go because the food is delicious (they have earned 4.5 stars on Yelp with 91 reviews, if you are a Yelper).

Also, if you are working more with the money that jingles rather than that which folds, this sushi spot has an early-bird special from 5p to 6:30pm and you can get half off your second roll along with 2 for 1 house sake – pakupaku!

Visit Ebisu Sushi Shack Tuesday through Saturday from 5pm to 10pm.



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