Seminole Heights’s Chop Chop Shop is what Asian Fusion was meant to be

By far, one of the most important happenings of 2018 was the Chop Chop Shop adding more parking and seating. So, forget all the other milestones or personal accomplishments you knocked down last year, the most important thing was waiting less for karage nuggets and delicious Asian fusion.

A little history

How did this happen? Well, as I am sure most Seminole Heights folks know, Chop Chop took over the historic Niko’s Fine Foods at 4603 N Florida Ave., which is mainly historic due to the fact that Elvis ate peanut butter and banana sandwiches there after a concert in 1956.


At that time, the diner was called Ayres Diner and was one of four Mountain View Diners shipped from New Jersey, which in the diner heydays were built like mobile homes.

Fast forward to today, Chop Chop Shop is carrying the torch of this diner and doing so in a wonderful remixing of old and new and, certainly, red and black.

It is all about the Shop Sauce

Alright, now that we got the history out of the way, tie on your feedbag and get ready to slather anything near your general vicinity in Shop Sauce.

Preferably, you should order a bowl – the most common and delicious basic element at Chop Chop – some pork belly and a beautiful confetti bed of purple slaw, and then eat like you are a damn monster.


Now, if you really want to get into the spirit of being in an old diner, you can order a burger. Chop Chop has some legendary burgers like the Seoul Burger, which includes a burger, seared pork belly, grilled kimchi, pickled peps and a lake of Shop Sauce oozing out under a buttery bun.

Of course, as I mentioned above, it is required that you try karage nuggets, just make sure you leave some for the guy snapping pictures of his food and taking notes on a notepad.

Visit Chop Chop Shop at 4603 N Florida Ave. open Weds-Saturday 5pm to 10pm and 5pm to 9pm on Sunday.


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