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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Vol. I

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It's hard to live in Tampa and not indulge your sweet-tooth every now and then. These are a few of our favorite spots in Tampa to grab dessert along with a few choice dessert suggesstions the next time you need your sugary fix.


Whatever Pops


Whatever Pops is a Tampa staple because of their interesting assortment of handmade popsicle flavors – including the Riesling Pear pop (a proverbial favorite for Yelpers in Tampa). The refreshing, fruity flavors are becoming more and more of a need as Summer slowly takes its hold on Tampa. They have different locations depending on the seasons, so check out their website for locations, dates, and more.


Enjoi Sweets & Company

Enjoi Sweets & Company wants to Bake You Happy. They’re known for their delicious cupcakes, including a Cookies n’ Cream cupcake made with the new Red Velvet Oreos. You can find them at their location on Gandy Boulevard, or periodically in their dessert truck. 
4707 W Gandy Blvd, Suite 7
(813) 545-7282


Bella's Italian Cafe

Maybe it’s cliche to say that the best dessert at an Italian restaurant is the tiramisu, but at Bella’s Italian Cafe, it’s the truth. It’s a classic dessert that Bella's has made all their own. It boasts the perfect balance between sweet and strong and is the bookend every meal at Bella's deserves.
1413 South Howard Ave, Suite 100
(813) 254-3355


Bo's Ice Cream

Bo’s Ice Cream just celebrated their 60th Anniversary, but the item to really celebrate is their Upside Down Banana Split. Ice cream, bananas, nuts and a cherry are all piled into a cup/ Be warned, the term 'small' is relative at Bo's! It's the classic parlor that Summer's are made for.  
7101 N Florida Ave
(813) 234-3870


Chocolate Pi

Chocolate Pi reminds visitors of quaint French bakeries, so it’s no wonder that their most popular items are Macarons. While there is no wrong choice, the salted-caramel is phenomenal (we've maintained a strict fidelity to the flavor). 
1205 S. Howard Ave
(813) 831-2195


*List by Contributing Writer Paige Kesselman


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