Roast Deli and Bakery, Madame Fortune’s Dessert Parlour open in Ybor City

The team behind the celebrated 7th + Grove have opened Roast Deli and Social Bar in historic Ybor City. Dr. Jamaris Glenn and Khalilaa McDuffie held a preview for the new foodie hub back in November, and officially opened in December.

Located adjacent to the duo’s award-winning premiere concept, 7th + Grove, Roast delivers savory sandwiches, crafty beverages and southern sweets; affectionately named after historically Black neighborhoods in and around the Tampa Bay Area.

They have some big shoes to fill as Roast takes over the space formerly occupied by the legendary Sundays Deli. If anyone can do it justice, its the ingenious culinary minds behind 7th + Grove. Diners will enjoy an array of Tampa grab and go staples for breakfast and lunch.


By night, the space will serve as Madame Fortune’s Speakeasy. Alexandria Jones with Creative Loading reports that the space will feature a menu brimming with West Indian cuisine. Each menu item at the speakeasy has a name in honor of Tampa’s old Black neighborhoods, according to CL.

The name of the speakeasy is in honor of Fortune Taylor. Taylor (1825-1906) and her first husband, Benjamin, both former slaves, came to Hillsborough County after the Civil War. Fortune was a baker, and the couple grew oranges, guavas, and peaches on more than 30 acres near downtown Tampa. When her husband died in 1869, Fortune received a homestead grant to the property. She succeeded in business and civic affairs when few opportunities were available to African-Americans and women.

If you need to satisfy your appetite right now, you can follow 7th + Grove on Facebook and Instagram.


Roast Deli, 1920 E 7th Avenue; 7th + Grove, 1930 E 7th Avenue

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