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REI Co-op to open 22,500-square-foot store in Midtown Tampa

Rendering of REI's exterior at future Midtown Tampa location

Talk about a major get for Midtown Tampa. REI Co-op just announced plans for a 22,500-square-foot retail store in Tampa’s newest district.

Not familiar with REI Co-op?


The REI acronym stands for Recreational Experiences Inc. The retailer sells sporting goods, camping gear, travel equipment, and clothing. It also offers services such as outdoor-oriented vacations and courses.[0]=68.ARA0pmtXWRK9eQaASf-tT5dyFkT-6cEKBl3plf0xTVat8nZdHNyaKvcA5tVknhGWyPGJUoAsjwVmG_c3sZ_9cRUYvwk9x_8p17Zc9hq_E8wyFowuGYxoV8qqM4qQviQZG30PGH81hNFAa2IP1fr8rmqvDqB1yxFtPyW9INFR3gNfH5JaP1UpfKQ1GzdGvwiH31o3OiebG8P5jTVT6jDONtpp8ENstOxj2M-Das2M4WZfjUyILNUpzBzmiMhz_w6FnXj-Hwn0kxnprpbZHUIOzIDX0l8XA8sURQT2y4tkPfZT9gvxbO4W4ejn-Y4ootDxP4LLHs0tprXBhtE&__tn__=-R

Helping Midtown residents get outside

“Tampa is an incredible community to continue our mission to connect local REI members to the outdoor places and activities they love,” said Gail Kirkland, REI regional director for the south. “Whether our members are paddling the Hillsborough River or taking a short walk from our store along The Watercourse, we can help them prepare for any kind of adventure.”

If you’re looking for someone or something to motivate you to get outside more, this shop could serve as a proverbial life coach. Last year, REI reports they helped more than 350,000 people get out into nature.


Midtown is designed with healthy living in mind. There will be a 3-acre Midtown Lake, and a winding recreational trail to help inspire folks to bask in that Florida sunshine.

The shop is set to feature a special bike store and workshops to further assist residents in getting active.[0]=68.ARBSwvaRM7UZLnSOa1u2WsoevGPojzbqIasy1SL0qnumFe7MiqfI1m-PCzuR0vB_jF4eKAQgFrd2deXYTSxyzltyoA-9eWulWMkervXsfjNBtOepyckRFhpwd8rX0qGxVhpXXx88RSrtH06LPD9NF7sZWLIo6TIEKuOlU5Q6CDHrHSus8SSS43L8RTG1_mbWtisuAtsXHEUtmN68J5yQ12-3wbQkdoRHjRoE1IxiHGY2DAdZrOwyuEetuqUR19TdDCNhRmk6xfxPciHtzyOoSzF9gk1VOF0RCGDDCy_mlXi4UAgdB1XiPh63-5bqC9rdJp-dVRGZsUhy62g&__tn__=-R

A member-owned co-op

“Midtown is creating a unifying place for hospitality, living, working and shopping designed around four acres of common public spaces,” said Nicholas Haines, Bromley Companies CEO. “REI has been part of our vision for Midtown since the beginning and joins our growing list of first-to-market retailers that will make Midtown a much-sought-after destination experience.

REI isn’t your average retail shop. It’s a member-owned cooperative. They currently boast 300,000 members in Florida with shops open in Winter Park and Jacksonville.

Don’t worry. Anyone can shop at REI.

Members pay $20 for a lifetime membership and share in the company’s profits through an annual dividend, according to a press release.

In addition, REI annually invests more than 70 percent of its profits in the outdoor community, which includes support for nonprofits to steward local trails and public lands and connect people to the outdoors.

Heavy investment in the outdoor community

REI also invests heavily in the outdoor community, including organizations like the Florida Trail Association.

The shop should open in the spring of 2021.

REI Co-op, 1101 N Dale Mabry Highway.

This isn’t the only piece of development news in Tampa. METRO Inclusive Health just broke ground on its brand new facility at the historic German American Club in Ybor City.

The Westshore Marina District also just landed a major tenant. The best wine bar in Tampa revealed it would open a new shop in the emerging district.


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