Pokemon Lure-a-thon Set for Busch Gardens

To call the Pokemon Go App a worldwide phenomenon would be a bit of an understatement. Businesses all over Tampa Bay have gone out of their way to embrace the app and help the hopeful trainers on their quest to be the best. Drink deals, food discounts for higher level trainers, even lowered cost of admission at certain cultural centers around the city have helped enabled and encouraged users to explore their respective cities.. 

With the Pokemon Go App at the peak of its popularity, players from cities across the country have put together group bar crawls and adventures to visit the stops and catch the rarest creatures out there. One of the beauties of the app is that it's bringing residents to historic landmarks and local parks that they might not have otherwise frequented. Busch Gardens looks to capitalize on the craze this Saturday, July 16 with a "Lure-a-thon." The amusement has over 50 Poke Stops on its grounds. Staff at the park will set off lures (items used to attract vast amounts of pokemon to a concentrated area) at all the stops from 10am to 3pm on Saturday. Catch them all, ride the newly opened Cobra's Curse coaster, enjoy some fully loaded fries and take advantage of one of the most acclaimed theme parks in America. 


Over 500 people have expressed interest on the Facebook event page. Pass Members will get exclusive access to seven PokéStops with activated lure modules in the Egypt area of the park from 8:30am to 9:30am during the Pass Member Cobra's Curse exclusive ride time. Pokémon trainers are encouraged to wear their team colors and try to level up as many Pokémon as they can! Click HERE for more info. 

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