Pizza Cones are a thing — and totally worth the trip to Safety Harbor

Pizza Cones could be the solution to a long heated debate: What is the best way to hold your pizza? Some prefer the New York fold. Others grab it by the crust if the slice is firm enough. There are some diners who prefer to tackle the guilty pleasure with a knife and fork.

After experiencing Pizza Cones, we think we’ve found our favorite avenue of consumption.


Described as the “new super-cool way to eat pizza,” Pizza Cones rolls each slice like a crepe, leaving melty cheese and generous toppings oozing from the cone. The Safety Harbor shop says the idea originally germinated from Greece.


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How the pizza cone is made

The cones are made with regular pizza dough, though the rising process is a bit different. Once the dough is shaped and formed, and the toppings have been added, the cone is placed in a second oven to integrate all of the flavors.

Good news gluten-free diners, they make gluten-free cones, too.

For our money, the Supreme Cone is the best option on the menu — it puts the beating heart in hearty. The cone is filled with mozzarella, tomato sauce, pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon, bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and green and black olives.

None of the mess, all of the same meaty, cheesy goodness.

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Where is Pizza Cones located? Pizza Cones is located at 500 Main Street in downtown Safety Harbor.

When is Pizza Cones open? Pizza Cones is open Monday-Thursday from noon-9pm, Friday-Saturday from noon-10pm, and Sunday from 1-8pm.

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