Peak Surf Park could open in 2025 on 30 acres in the Tampa area

rendering of a surf park. a large crystal blue pool is surrounded by eager surfers. Palm trees are visible.

Surf’s up, Tampa, because Peak Surf Park, an innovative action-adventure park with plans to open in Tampa Bay in 2025, has released new findings from third-party feasibility and economic impact studies as well as brand new renderings of the proposed 30-acre property that will change the way residents and visitors play, relax and connect. For those obsessed with surfing, but aren’t always enamored with the variability in waves and weather, Peak could be their. new go-to action adventure hub.

Peak’s patented wave mechanism is made possible by Surf Lakes, an Australia-based leader in surf pool technology. The company is revolutionary in its design with the ability to simulate consistent, ocean-quality waves for varying skill levels in a controlled setting and offer beginners and experts alike a unique surf experience—no more waiting to catch the perfect wave. 

Though the property is a surf destination at its core, advanced renderings demonstrate the incredible vision for this massive development project, which will also include half a mile of pristine beaches, concert and event venues, bars and restaurants, retailers, education and business facilities, fitness and wellness amenities and more. Inspired by community and inclusivity and designed with these values in mind, the park plans to offer programming and development opportunities for underserved populations. Peak is also built intentionally around a model of sustainability, focusing on implementing resources and practices that will benefit Tampa Bay’s waterways and ecosystem. 


“Beyond tapping into the widespread surf culture and introducing a destination to the Tampa Bay area that will draw interest from all over the world, we’re creating a shared experience that every single member of this community will benefit from in some way,” said Tony Miller, Peak Surf Park’s Founder and visionary. “Surfing is truly just the start of what we’re hoping to build here.”

In a preliminary survey conducted by Hotel & Leisure Advisors—a leading hospitality consultant with clients ranging from the Crystal Lagoons Corp. to Great Wolf Resorts Inc.—the concept of a surf park in the Tampa Bay area was met with unprecedented enthusiasm. Approximately 90 percent of respondents expressed their interest level as very high or high and, among those surveyed, nearly 20 percent used the words “excited,” “can’t wait” or “looking forward to it.”

Amenities that garnered the most interest include the full-service restaurant, rooftop bar, simulated surf machine and surf lessons. As unveiled in the economic impact study, the park is set to turn a significant profit and generate more than $50 million in both surfing and non-surfing revenue in its first year. By its second year of operation, Peak is expected to attract more than 800,000 visitors annually.


On track to make waves in an already booming tourism and hospitality market, 10-year projections indicate Peak will create more than $1.3 billion in annual business output and approximately 700 jobs per year. Tax revenue for the State of Florida and prospective county is expected to increase by a combined total of nearly $150 million over 10 years as a result.

With a commitment to creating a destination built by and for the local community, Peak prioritizes sourcing local goods and services as much as possible throughout the construction and operation of the park.  The park’s estimated construction budget will have major economic impact resulting in a total output of $30 million—generating over $16.9 million in local construction activity and more than $2 million in local real estate, rental and leasing activity alone. 

The selection process for securing a site is in its early stages and numerous locations are being considered. While a site has yet to be solidified, feasibility and economic impact findings come from the analysis of two specific sites used as proxies for evaluating proposed locations in Pinellas and Pasco counties. Updates and developments will be shared as they become available in Peak Surf Park’s quarterly newsletter, which users can subscribe to on its website

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