Pappy’s crafts classic, and vegan devil crab in Tampa

a plate with two fried devil crabs. Each is stuffed with roasted mushrooms

Devil Crab is a stapel dish in the city of Tampa. Hotspots such as Michele Faedo’s and Brocato’s, and West Tampa Sandwich Shop are renowned for their devil crab. The year is 2022 and now there is a business making devil crab for the vegan crowd. Time to savor Pappy’s Devil Crab.

Originally from the Caribbean, Chef Pappy moved to the states as a young man, settling in Tampa. Over time and through hard work, Chef Pappy has obtained skills that have withstood the test of an ever-changing Tampa Bay Area food scene. Pappy has been making devil crabs for almost 30 years in the heart of Tampa. This traditional style devil crab, available at their shop, has been brought back to life through his authentic and classic recipe.

In addition to making devil crab the traditional way, Pappy’s also makes vegan devil crab with delicious Lion’s Mane Mushrooms from Cactus Mushroom. The treat has been a hit at the new WeVegan Cafe in Seminole Heights.


Experience Pappy’s Island Crew Restaurant

Pappy’s is known for its stuffed potatoes, and chicken empanadas. You can visit the brick-and-mortar at 2210 E Hillsborough Avenue. The concept is now known as Chef Pappy’s Island Crew Restaurant and Deli. Visitors can enjoy an array of Caribbean specialties.

“My inspiration is the food scene in Tampa that originated around the 1920s,” writes Chef Pappy. “But I always felt like it was more than the historic district of my city that inspired me…as a child from a migrant community, I’d have devil crabs almost every day, served with lunch or as a snack. I want my customers to have the same nostalgic experience I do every time I make a classic devil crab dish!”

Visit Pappy’s website to learn more about the concept.


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