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Pineapple buns are a top 2020 food trend, and you can get them in Tampa

Photo of assorted pastries at bakery in Tampa

I had never tried a pineapple bun before. To be honest, I hadn’t even heard of the pastry. But, according to Yelp, it is one of the top food trends to watch in 2020, sighting surging popularity in spots like Jacksonville, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Well the food trend is alive and well in the city of Tampa courtesy of Fortune Star Bakery.

What is a pineapple bun?


First off, it doesn’t actually contain pineapple. The name refers to its appearance rather than its taste. Diners will notice the dim sum snack’s golden brown crust, which resembles pineapple skin.

The dessert is sweet as a sugar cookie, with a crispy crust and a light, soft texture on the inside. It’s the greatest morning wake up call there is.

Fortune Star Bakery has been serving the city of Tampa for more than 25 years, and has earned acclaim for a variety of baked goods.


Visitors have raved about the durian mille crepe cake, as well as the pork and milk custard buns.

Looking for even more aesthetic treats? Check out the honey dew and mango cake rolls, or dive into a light purple taro crispy.

Other items of note include the incredibly soothing Matcha Mousse, Red Bean Cake, and Egg Tarts. I’m also dying to try the Taro and Match Mille Crepe Cakes, though they look too pretty to eat. I’d keep each as a centerpiece.

Wash it down with a rose honey tea. Fortune Star Bakery is a total hidden gem worth a visit soon, especially if you want to stay on trend in 2020.

Fortune Star Bakery, 8502 North Armenia Avenue.

Another top food trend is Ube. The delicious and beautiful purple yams are irresistible. And if you want a sweet taste of some you can visit the new Filipino food spot, Matas, in Tampa.


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