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Noble Rice, a modern Japanese restaurant, opening at Sparkman Wharf

exterior of a Japanese restaurant with a black and gold "noble rice" sign on the front

Noble Rice, a modern Japanese restaurant known for its focus on exceptional ingredients flown in weekly from the famed Toyosu Market in Japan, will open April 5 at Sparkman Wharf. “Hey Tampa! We’ve got some big news 🗞 Our doors officially open @sparkmanwharf Tuesday April 5th” wrote the owners in an Instagram post. You can now make reservations online.

Created by Chef Eric Fralick, the innovative menu offers fresh takes on classic Japanese meals including sushi, ramen, yakitori and the beloved Omakase offering that initially put Noble Rice on the map as one of the premier sushi spots in all of Tampa Bay.


A massive expansion for Noble Rice

This new 100-seat space is an expansion from the restaurant’s original location in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Tampa and will feature outdoor seating as well as a full bar with a focus on Japanese whiskeys, sake and cocktails.

Noble Rice will serve as an expansion of the popular Hyde Park restaurant of the same name, which closed at the onset of the pandemic — the owners remodeled that space and opened Koya, a high-end omakase spot, in its place last year. The new 100-seat restaurant will feature a modern Japanese menu with sushi, ramen, yakitori and omakase options as well as an outdoor seating area and a full bar focused on Japanese whiskey and sake.

The larger venue will feature all of our signature dishes, including our high quality fish flown in from Japan.


Menu preview

SAIKYO MISO SALMON soubise, ramp salsa
BONE MARROW carmelized onion, shiso chimmichurri, toast
KINOKO GOHAN seasonal mushroom rice, celery root, pesto
NASU tempura eggplant, ichiban dashi, scallion

TRIPLE BLACK chicken stock, black garlic tare, spicy ground pork, onsen tama, menma,
black sesame, mayu, scallion (medium spicy)
TAN TAN MEN chicken stock, tobanjan tare, spicy ground pork, shoyu tama, menma,
bean sprouts, sesame, rayu, mayu, scallion

SOY MILK PANNA COTTA matcha cake crumble, burnt honey, black sesame, miso caramel
FOIECOLATE BAR (2pc) vanilla cured foie gras, curried coconut nougat, dark chocolate
KOKONATTSU coconut gelato, pineapple, coconut rum sauce

Wellness retailers arrive in Water Street Tampa

In addition to food offerings, Sparkman has landed some major wellness retailers.

Strategic Property Partners (SPP) just announced two major national wellness retailers for the Water Street area: BODYROK and The Covery. 

Focused on wellness offerings, the new retailers – BODYROK and The Covery – echo Water Street Tampa’s mission to promote health and well-being across all aspects and areas of community life. BODYROK and The Covery are slated to open at Sparkman Wharf in 2022 as the district gears up for its grand opening next year.

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