Nitrogen Ice Cream Spot Pops Up in Temple Terrace

There’s an ice cream renaissance happening in Tampa Bay. That fact is solidified with the addition of Doughcones Nitrogen Ice Cream and Smoothies in Temple Terrace. When the smoke clears at this new spot, all you’re left with is vibrant sweetness.

Nitrogen ice cream is the latest desert trend to sweep the country. The process involves freezing ice cream with liquid nitrogen. The combination causes the water molecules to condense to form an enchanting fog. More appetizing than the ice cream is the vessel it’s served in.


Special doughnut cones accompany nitrogen ice cream

Doughcones specializes in two types cones that will most assuredly make you salivate. The first is a dough cone covered in cinnamon sugar and your choice of toppings. The second is a puffle cone — a homemade waffle formed in the shape of the cone.

The ice cream shop is located at 11506 North 56th Street in Temple Terrace. Doughcones is open from 11am-11pm daily. Follow them on Facebook for updates on new flavors and special events. They will host a special grand opening on June 24.

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