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Nitro Brew Coffee in Channelside, TIA Public Art Project, Uncommon Opening Downtown

Coffee gets the nitro treatment in Channelside

Ginger Beard Coffee has officially opened its doors in the Channelside Bay Plaza. The coffee house features the latest trend in coffee, nitro brew.


*Photo via Ginger Bear Coffee

Nitro brew, as the name reveals, is coffee infused with nitrogen. The cold brew coffee is treated with nitrogen and carbon dioxide under high pressure, chilled in a keg and served on draught with a full bodied look not unlike a stout beer.


The brew is known to deliver a caffeinated haymaker to your system that could wire you all day. The super-brew will now be available at the Channelside Plaza.

Ginger Beard is located on the ground floor of the Pour House, a craft beer bar, and is open Tuesday through Friday from 6am-2pm, and Saturday 8am-2pm.

Ginger Beard Coffee, 1208 East Kennedy Boulevard # 112.




Tampa International Airport Launches Art Campaign

*Photo via Tampa International Airport

Tampa International Airport has been making headlines over the last year with their historic expansion.  Local restaurants and brewers have landed spots in the airport. Their arrival will allow for visitors to the area the chance to sample the flavors of Tampa Bay when on their way in and out of the city.

The airport is giving artists the opportunity to take part in the landmark upgrades happening at the airport. Tampa International encourages interested artists to create a profile in CaFE, in advance of the "Call For Artists" being published.

*Photo via Tampa International Airport

The call will be published on August 17. The deadline for submissions is September 14.

For full details about the process and the call follow this link.




Uncommon Finds perfumes downtown

While enjoying a staycation at Le Meridien this weekend, we ventured over to a shop we'd heard a lot of buzz about, Uncommon Finds. The store delivers a haymaker to your nostrils. There is a wonderful harmony of sandalwood and dark rum in the air. The scents can transport you to a noir vision of Ybor, situate you in a log cabin in the northwest and bring you back to the sprawling downtown center of Tampa. 

The store features exceptional face cleansers, candles, moisturizers, shampoos, colognes and perfumes. Uncommon Finds is the place to discover your signature scent. The entrepreneurs in our city continue to innovate their fields and this shop is no exception. The fragrances offered in this store are unlike any you'll find anywhere else. Whether you're looking to infuse you or your home with a new energy, Uncommon Finds is a must-visit. 

You can visit them Monday through Friday from 10am-6pm and 10am to 2pm on Saturday at 406 North Morgan Street. 



*Article by Andrew Harlan, Writer/Editor for That's So Tampa. Follow on Twitter & Instagram


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