New Tampa Bike Lane Among Best in U.S.

People For Bikes just released their list of the best new bike lanes in the U.S. Among the cities listed, which includes major hubs like NYC, Chicago, Seattle and D.C., was Tampa.

The new Cass Street bike lane — our city’s first protected bike lane — has blown up since opening to the public. The protected lane currently stretches from Villa Brothers Park to Nebraska Avenue. It’s addition to Cass Street was complemented by the road’s conversion from a one-way to a two-way road.


Future plans for the lane have it connecting North Hyde Park to the VM Ybor Neighborhood.

Biking has vast potential in the nation’s third-largest state, and this connection between the Ybor City district and the north side of Tampa’s downtown shows a Florida city building its most important bike routes first.

– Michael Anderson, local innovation staff writer

The website notes that the protected Cass Street lane will serve as a catalyst for change across all of Tampa Bay. Cass Street’s success has inspired Florida’s DOT to work on a follow-up project on Jackson Street. Click HERE to see the full list of bike lanes.


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