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Mullét Seltzer takes stage as Florida’s newest, tastiest spiked seltzer

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This article was produced in partnership with SPARK.

Florida’s newest spiked seltzer may also be its best one. With a name (and flavors) perfectly matching the Sunshine State, Mullét Seltzer is the tasty new joint venture from Tampa locals SPARK and Florida Avenue Brewing Co.


Pronounced moo-lay (“cause we fancy like that,” creators say), Mullét is a locally brewed seltzer fermented with real fruit, agave and Florida cane sugar, making it an exquisitely Floridian drinking experience. And while the shelves may be filled with hard seltzers of all flavors, imbibers will be hard pressed to find anything quite like the lineup Mullét brings to the table.

In the business of bringing the party, Mullét’s flagship flavors are Grapefruit and Hibiscus, Strawberry and Elderflower, Passionfruit and Prickly Pear, and Cucumber and Lemonade. Unique tastes for a unique brand.

In a crowded world of synthetically flavored and overly-manufactured hard seltzers, Mullét stands out for using real fruit, real agave, and real sugar. Specifically, that good, local Florida cane sugar. By using high end ingredients to create a vehicle for low brow fun, these seltzers are inspired by their state, and true to their name. Like Florida’s favorite haircut, you get the best of both worlds. Business in the can, party in the hand.


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“It’s an experience of duality that brings the flavor up front and bubbles in the back,” Mullét says. “We don’t recommend trying to define it. You might hurt yourself.”

Mullét Seltzer now available at local retailers

Dubbing itself “friend-with-a-boat bait,” Florida’s newest seltzer is set to become a star. For its initial release, Mullét Seltzer was only available in the Florida Avenue Brewing Co. tasting room and restaurant. Now, however, Mullét can be found all over to add that extra Floridian flair to beach days and weekend plans everywhere. Snag your Mullét mixed packs at ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, Leuken’s Wine & Spirits, Total Wine & More, and Winn-Dixie locations.

Located at 2029 Arrowgrass Drive, Florida Avenue Brewing Co. is an award-winning brewery celebrated for its lagers, fruited wheat ales and Florida-inspired IPAs. Many of their beers are available across the state, but the real treat is stopping by the tasting room for some of their more unique creations and the incredible food coming from the kitchen.

SPARK is a creative agency based in Tampa helping to build and amplify lasting brands with truth and connection. Their partnership with Florida Avenue Brewing Co. on MullétSeltzer has helped bring to life a uniquely Florida drink perfect for the uniquely Florida lifestyle.

Learn more about Mullét Seltzer here.


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