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Tampa Spotlight: Local non-profit addresses hunger in Florida

Featured image courtesy of Feeding Tampa Bay on Facebook


This month, we are taking a look at Feeding Tampa Bay, a local non-profit that focuses on providing adequate food for anyone who is food insecure in Tampa Bay.

How do they work?

According to their website, hundreds of thousands of people are food insecure, meaning they lack consistent and easy access to safe food.

Feeding Tampa Bay has been making a difference in the lives of thousands of people each week for the past 36 years. By partnering with more than 500 faith-based and other non-profit hunger relief groups, they can reach hundreds of thousands of food insecure residents across the 10 counties in West Central Florida.


In addition to food drives, Feeding Tampa Bay partners with growers, manufacturers, and supermarkets. Last year alone, they were able to supply more that 46 million pounds of food to their service area.

In other words, they provided more than 3.8 million meals a month to those who would otherwise go hungry.

Did you know that Florida is fourth in the Nation for family hunger?

Part of the reason Feeding Tampa Bay is so important is that 60% of the population in West Central Florida is eligible for food stamps. While we have programs like the free and reduced lunch programs at school, many at-risk students won’t eat at all between lunch on Friday and breakfast Monday morning.

What else do they do?

Feeding Tampa Bay doesn’t just provide food across West Central Florida, they also have after school meals for students, a child backpack program, a disaster relief program, and so much more. Check out all their different programs here.

How can I help?

Feeding Tampa Bay is always looking for volunteers. If you don’t have the money to donate, but still want to help, time is always valuable. They also love having schools, churches, corporations and other groups participating in drives or group volunteering. You can sign up here.

If you don’t have time, but want to pitch in, Feeding Tampa Bay will turn every $1 into 10 meals for those in need. Donate here.

They are also partnered with many different groups that donate to Feeding Tampa Bay. By shopping with one of these companies, you will be helping assuage the hunger in West Central Florida.

  • Amazon Smile – Sign up and choose Feeding Tampa Bay as your benefitting charity!
  • Southeastern Grocer – Purchase a loaf of bread and SEG will donate $.05 to Feeding Tampa Bay!
  • Imagine license plate – For every $25 license plate purchased, Feeding Tampa Bay will be able to donate 250 meals to the community!!
  • Harness – Incorporate giving into your daily routine by donating your spare change. Register your card, make some purchases, and donate to the fight against hunger.
  • Eat Right – Whether you meal prep for a specific diet (like paleo, ketogenic, or high protein) or just need help planning your meals, try Eat Right. For every meal sold through Eat Right, a meal is donated to Feeding Tampa Bay.
  • Soulgani – A portion of every purchase of Second Soul leggings is donated to Feeding Tampa Bay.

For more information about Feeding Tampa Bay, please contact Karen Griffin Director of Development, at 813-254-1190 Ext. 215 or by email at



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