Mobile Munchies: Wood fired Neapolitan pizza is made on this bus

Our love of pizza is so strong that we literally cartoon float as soon as the scent of a fresh slice enters our nostrils. One of the best spots for a wood-fired isn’t at a brick and mortar restaurant, it’s in a bus that’s constantly on the move around Tampa Bay called Doughbie Brothers Pizza Co.

The high praise is according to its perfect 5-star review rating on Facebook. One customer, Dave McClune wrote:


“I was skeptical about this pizza truck but was hungry. It turned out to be fantastic and should be on your list of great food trucks in the Tampa area. The pizza was similar to the many dozens of pizzas I have eaten in Rome. Save the airfare and just eat here!”

Pizza dough is made fresh daily

Save on airfare? We’re about that. The food truck is slinging authentic wood fired Neapolitan pizza. The dough is made fresh on a daily pizza. The San Marzano tomatoes on the Margherita pie are phenomenal.

The veggie lover pizza is equally hard to resist. It’s made with homemade marinara sauce, shredded four cheese blend, onions, peppers, olives, half cut cherry tomato, pineapple and topped with shredded parm and fresh basil.

Chicago pie is phe-NOM-enal

A new pie they’ve just recently introduced is the square Chicago pizza — and all we can say is “Be still, my heart. The mobile pizza movement celebrated its one year anniversary on December 3, 2018. With pies like the ones they’ve been making, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this bus cruising all over Tampa for many years to come.

It’s so damn good it even converted us to liking pineapple pizza.

Want to see where Doughbie Brothers will pull up to next? Follow the bus on Facebook for updates. They also offer catering if you’re looking to elevate your next office party.

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