MLB considers major change for 2020 season

USA Today published a story shedding light on a potential major shift for Major League Baseball. The league is fielding a slew of proposals on how to proceed, if at all, this year. One plan would eliminate the American and National League altogether, according to USA Today.

The team would play at their Spring Training Facilities in Florida and Arizona and only play games at those sites. No fans would be allowed at the games. This would completely rearrange the divisions based on geography.


This would mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19, cut down on travel, and truncate the season.

All of this of course is speculative and just one of many options League officials are weighing. For now fans can enjoy watching their favorite MLB players playing The Show on

While we miss baseball, the health and safety of the Tampa Bay community comes first. We’re glad that officials continue to exercise precautions for the betterment of all.


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