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Milkin’ It Cafe is serving cereal-covered bagels in Downtown Tampa

Milkin’ It Cafe, located at 1000 Channelside Drive, is a brand new cereal bar in Tampa that puts an adult spin on childhood favorites.

Milkin’ It is officially open on Channelside Dr., and it’s your one-stop shop for everything cereal. Conceptualized by Sebastien Rivas with a mission to put an “adult spin on your childhood favorites,” this café-style newcomer is turning America’s favorite breakfast food into an all-day affair.


“Milkin’ It started as a coffee shop idea,” Sebastien explained as he crumbled Lucky Charms over a chilled hot chocolate, “Everyone loves cereal as a kid. But I wanted to show that there are more ways to eat it.” 

Cereal milk trend arrives in Tampa

He handed me the drink. Immediately, I realized I was sipping something dangerously addictive, and I had to know his secret. Sebastien revealed that all of Milkin’ It’s café beverages are made with a “cereal milk” base. For those of you unfamiliar with the New York-born “cereal milk” trend, it’s essentially the repurposing of the milk that’s left after you down a towering bowl of sugar-coated flakes, loops, and pops. What makes Milkin’ It’s version special, however, is their use of almond milk, which gives each drink a lighter, sweeter taste. 

“We soak the cereal mixture in the almond milk for hours,” Sebastien shared, “Then we add the special stuff and strain it.”


Hm. The special stuff. So, maybe almond milk isn’t the only secret…

Well, whatever it is, the mysterious “cereal milk” makes some of the best coffee beverages I’ve ever tried, and you definitely need more of it in your life.

But, like Sebastien was saying, Milkin’ It only started  as a coffee shop idea. By the time the store actually opened, it had become so much more. Today, diners can stop in for cereal-inspired lunches, gooey breakfast melts, and stellar desserts. 

Oh—and golden straws and pink spoons.

A cereal-inspired lunch menu

I paid my visit to Milkin’ It around 1pm—AKA, the ideal meal time. Enticed by the sweet scent of nostalgia, I scanned the menu in search of a creation that featured my personal childhood weakness: Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Luckily for my growling stomach, and juvenile heart, Milkin’ It had plenty of options.

Moments later, I was given a warm, rainbow bagel schmeared with slowly melting Cinnamon Toast Crunch cream cheese. Sebastien introduced the dish as the store’s best-selling “cereal bagel,” and explained that it was customizable. Each order uses the same bagel base (which gets shipped in daily from New York), but the cereal topping is up to the customer. If you want something edgy, try the Frosted Flakes. If you’re after the perfect Instagram post, go for the Fruity Pebbles. No matter what your inner child—or social media feed—is craving, Milkin’ It’s got you covered. 

Fresh-baked ciabatta sandwiches

Now, if you’re not into sweets for lunch, don’t worry; Milkin’ It also has a boulangerie-style menu of savory sandwiches and meals. According to management, the most ordered is the honey-drizzled bacon, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel, while I was personally drawn to the 4-cheese ciabatta melt with pineapple jam. Other popular offerings include a Cuban panini, “The Turk” sandwich, and Mediterranean inspired avocado toast. All of these options would pair beautifully with the store’s signature “cereal milk” latte, or one Sebastien’s famous soft-baked cookies.

Speaking of cookies—this is probably a good time to mention Milkin’ It’s extensive dessert list. From “butter pie,” to vegan donuts, the store prides itself on having something for everyone. Their piece-de-resistance, however, is their cereal ice cream twist. Imagine your favorite breakfast cereal blended gently into smooth peaks of soft-serve vanilla… 

Yeah, it’s magically delicious.

#Trending on TikTok

With a concept so youthful and contemporary, you’d probably bet that Milkin’ It would make the perfect Gen Z online trend. Turns out, they already are one. 

Drawn in by colorful, sugar-coated eats, today’s youngest social media influencers are flocking to Channelside Drive to satisfy their childhood cravings. That’s right—this modern breakfast café is #blowinguponTikTok. 

So, if the cereal wasn’t enough to make you feel like a kid again, try Snapchatting your cookie. 

That should do the trick.

Foodies looking to get their cereal fix can visit Milkin’ It Café at 1000 Channelside Dr., across from the Florida Aquarium. Delivery services are also available on the store’s official website,


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