Tampa’s Psomi, Mike’s Pies showcased on Good Morning America

Good Morning America is going across the country in each of the best pies in the country. The show’s very first stop brought them to stunning Wish Farms where Mike’s Pies and Psomi both showcased their sensational desserts. Mike’s Pies cooked up their celebrated Key Lime Pie on a gluten-free crust. Psomi, the renowned Greek restaurant, dished out an extravagant spiced apple pie with baklava streusel.

With a 2-1 split, Mike’s Pies was deemed the winner of Tampa’s pie challenge. They received an emphatic endorsement from Mr. Tampa himself Titus O’Neil. Mike’s Pies will now go to New York where they’ll compete against winning pie purveyors from bakeries across the country. We are ready to cheer on team Tampa, and we can’t think of a better flavor to represent the city than Key Lime.


What’s the story behind the best pie spot on the planet? “Mike, a Florida boy playing linebacker at the University of Kentucky in the mid 70’s, loved to eat…specifically loved to eat his mom’s pies,” write the owners. “But he got tired of waiting to go home for the holidays to eat them, so he asked how to make them, and she gave him a crash course on how to bake his favorite… Cherry Pie.” To this day, Mike has no issue tasting each and every pie coming out of the kitchen.

Mike’s Pies takes home the golden tin on GMA

When Mike settled down and got married in Tampa, he started making pies and giving them as gifts to neighbors and friends at Christmas. After two years of friends and neighbors telling him “You should sell these” he tested the market by making the first pies out of the kitchen in his house. They were a hit – and Mike’s Pies opened for business in South Tampa on March 3, 1992.


More than 30 years later Mike’s Pies is now an integral part of the Tampa community. On August 1, 2020, Mike’s Pies moved into its brand new, state-of-the-art, 53,000 square foot facility. Follow Mike’s Pies on Facebook and Instagram for tasty teasers. You can order your own pie on Mike’s website.

Psomi is no slouch, and their brunch is one of the best in all of Tampa. There’s a reason they were chosen for this GMA moment. You can visit the gorgeous restaurant at 701 N Howard Avenue. Follow Psomi on Instagram for more foodie teasers, and for a glimpse of their wonderful Greek menu.

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