Mexico in Tampa Bay brings 400 pieces of handmade Mexican folk art to Tampa

For the very first time, discover the most beautiful Mexican art, without needing to travel to Mexico. More than 400 unique pieces of art will arrive at the Tampa Convention Center October 28-30. This event is free to attend, totally family-friendly, and a must-attend for art lovers in the Tampa Bay region. Mexico in Tampa Bay puts the extraordinary art, music, and culture of Mexico in the heart of our city.

“Mexico in Tampa Bay” is an event organized by Artties, a company located in Florida that brings the best pieces of fine Mexican folk art to decorate your space. All the pieces were selected with the best quality standards by Artties.

What: Mexico in Tampa Bay
Where: Tampa Convention Center. 333 S Franklin Street
When: October 28-30
Cost: Free


The Mexican fine art exhibited depicts the cultural heritage of the most important Mexican states, such as Puebla, Oaxaca, Queretaro, Michoacan and Jalisco. These exquisite pieces were crafted and painted by the most outstanding Mexican artists, including Guillermina Aguilera, Isaias Hernandez and Jose Luis Cortez.

This is a one-of-a-kind display of Mexican folk art. Each piece displayed is entirely handmade and do not include any industrial process. The materials used for each piece have been obtained from the specific region from which the work was crafted. Hence, it makes all the art exhibited a cultural depiction of a particular Mexican community, linking nature with the rural traditions of these communities.

This extraordinary event features art pieces polished with river stones, painted with natural pigments and baked with Mexican reed palm, all made by hand by Mexican artists.


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