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Metro Inclusive Health reveals plans for LGBTQ+ health center in Ybor City

Metro Inclusive Health and CAN Health just revealed plans for a new state-of-the-art health center for the LGBTQ+ community in Ybor City. The two organizations acquired the historic German American Club building in Ybor City at 2105 North Nebraska Avenue.

The stunning transformation will include the addition of three floors on the existing historic structure. Construction is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2019, and should be completed by mid-2020.


Revitalizing a piece of Tampa history

“As a local organization, we have grown alongside Tampa Bay by serving the community’s holistic health needs.” said Metro Inclusive Health CEO Lorraine Langlois. “Being able to restore and modernize this beautiful piece of local history for the community while expanding our impact fits right in line with our organizational mission.”

So, what does this do for the Tampa community?


It revitalizes a piece of Tampa history that dates back to the early 1900s. The new health center will also serve as a job creator in a burgeoning section of Ybor City.

Metro has a longstanding relationship with the Tampa Bay community. The nonprofit has been operating for 26 years and remains deeply committed to providing high quality healthcare services to all segments of the Tampa Bay community.

Providing services for uninsured members of the community

“CAN and METRO started their partnership in 2013, building what has become a model for us in other communities across Florida, the east coast and Puerto Rico,” said CAN CEO Rick Carlisle. “This investment in our community will continue to transform modern healthcare services for all in the Tampa Bay area.”

Today the organization provides full-service primary care in addition to prevention, sexual health, HIV and community programming services to thousands of individuals.

In groundbreaking fashion, METRO launched a new Copay it Forward program, this allows the organization’s insured patients to help pay for the treatment of those currently without insurance.

Smart design health centers

The Ybor City health center will be designed with patient experience in mind. New technology will allow patients to connect to their provider and get medical information in real time. This includes access to refills, appointments and lab results.

The Ybor City project complements METRO’s new47,000 square foot facility in St. Pete.

You can learn more about Metro’s services by visiting their website and Facebook page.


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