Manila Eats opening new authentic Filipino restaurant in Tampa

exterior of a restaurant with a blue white and red flag on the front.
Outside Manila Eats Riverview restaurant

Manila Eats is one of those “open until sold out” type gems that has delighted diners in Riverview for years. The dynamic menu is typically posted on their Facebook page in the morning by the owners. Everything is fresh and made in house, and delivered with the kind of TLC that has transformed the walk-up Filipino hot spot into one of Riverview’s most beloved eateries. The restaurant is now set to move — the new Manila Eats is debuting in Tampa on September 28 at 1601 S 22nd Street.

“The new place will have 48 seating capacity and will have Karaoke and live band on the weekends. Maraming Salamat po!!!” wrote the owners on Facebook. The Riverview location (10621 Tucker Jones Rd) will close at the end of the week. My favorite thing about this new Manila Eats location: it includes ample off-street parking.


Their array of desserts include ube ice cream, Cassava Cake, Halo Halo, and vanilla flan. Manila Eats most recent menu includes marinated fried pork chops, lumpia, deep fried pork belly, fried flounder filet, fried whole tilapia, and a dish that’s new to me called Ginisang Pinakbe. It includes sautéed mixed veggies (long string beans, squash, okra, eggplants and bitter melon) cooked in shrimp paste and pork served with rice.

there fried rolled treats on a green ledge covered in ube, coconut, and cheese
Puto Bumbong at Manila Eats
bbq pork on a plate with fried rice and a green dipping sauce
Pork BBQ at Manila Eats

Manila Eats is one of the best restaurants in Tampa Bay

For owner Veronica Meneses, this has restaurant has been a dream come true.

“Since I was a child, I’ve always been curious about cooking. Whenever the big fiesta arrives in our town while most kids were out playing, I was in the kitchen lurking and watching the out of town cooks from the province,” writes Meneses.


“My dad’s sister (Tiya Rosing) played a huge role in my cooking technique, she taught me that patience is the number one virtue in cooking along with my two Aunties Luding and Gloria whom were my go to answer whenever I was not sure in putting together a daily dish,” said Meneses. “My relatives in Pampanga also taught me how to flavor meat and tenderize it and with those cooking lessons learned, I began making wonderful dishes.”

You can taste every bit of passion and love Veronica pours into her recipes. Follow Manilla Eats on Facebook to keep up with their menu.

a round dessert that's purple on top and white on the bottom.
Sapin Sapin at Manila Eats
shrimp arranged on a plate
Laing (dried taro leaves simmered in coconut milk, green chili peppers and Head-On Shrimp)

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