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Lights on Tampa will illuminate bridges in Channelside, and along the Riverwalk

Lights on Tampa returns this month with mesmerizing light-based art throughout downtown Tampa. The city will be illuminated, and pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers are invited to bask in the glow of our thriving arts destination.

From Fortune Taylor Bridge to Sparkman Wharf, the city of Tampa invites you to rediscover the welcoming glow of Tampa’s downtown. 


Here are the new projects in 2021 you need to see:

Circle Unity by Erwin Redl

Channelside Drive Tunnel

Serving as a gateway into downtown from South Tampa, this installation, Circles Unity, is a series of custom LED rings programmed together as a synchronized ensemble. The gradual transition of the program will illuminate the tunnel walls through unique color sequences. Circles Unity provides unique views from every position while passing through the tunnel either by car or on foot.


Biobridge by Andrea Polli

Harbour Island Bridge at The Riverwalk

Biobridge is an interactive artwork inspired by the delicate microscopic ecosystem of Florida waterways and our human impact on it by evoking the effects of bioluminescent bacteria. LED light strips affixed to the underside of the bridge over the Riverwalk, are programmed to provide this experience as visitors move through the space. This artwork was commissioned by the City of Tampa for Lights on Tampa.

A 15 year tradition in Tampa

The program began in 2006 and returned throughout the years, with bold high quality and “on the moment” installations. It has since brought 21 permanent installations and 60 temporary, and has become a signature brand for Tampa’s downtown.

 Lights on Tampa is a public/private partnership between the City of Tampa’s Art Programs Division and the Public Art Alliance, a 501 (c) 3 organization. In 2010, the program was recognized as one of the 50 most significant art programs in the U.S. in the last 50 years by the Americans for the Arts.

In 2015, Lights On Tampa incorporated multiple art disciplines including performance, dance, original music and the literary arts. Works featured were acclaimed artist, Nick Cave (HEARD+TPA), a temporary installation by Luftwerk, and a “sky striker” carnival game that activated lights on the nearby skyscraper.  In 2019, the Fortune Taylor street bridge adjacent to Julian B. Lane Park received a light installation by local artist, Chris Jones.

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