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LaMeizi brings a huge buffet, and Chinese hotpot to Tampa

purple lit dining room inside a hotpot restaurant.
Interior of LaMeizi

Hot new restaurant in Tampa alert: LaMeizi Hotpot & BBQ just recently debuted and it’s earning rave reviews from diners across the city. It’s billed as a restaurant that specializes in serving delicious and authentic Chinese hotpot and BBQ dishes. Located at 2501 E Fowler Avenue, this restaurant is quickly turning into a popular destination for locals and tourists alike who are looking for an unforgettable dining experience.

The restaurant is decorated with a modern, yet elegant style, and there is a spacious seating area that can accommodate both small and large groups. It’s definitely a great birthday spot, or even a new date night destination in Tampa.


Photo via LaMeizi

LaMeizi brings an all you can eat buffet to Tampa

In addition to hotpot, LaMeizi offers a wide range of BBQ dishes. From juicy skewers of marinated meat to crispy and tender seafood, this is a menu designed to please all palates. To complement the delicious food, LaMeizi also offers a selection of beers, wines, and cocktails. Whether you are in the mood for a refreshing beer, a full-bodied red wine, or a sweet and fruity cocktail, they have the spirit for you.

Their big all you can eat buffet starts at $30.99 for adults, $15.99 for kids (7-10), and $10.99 for kids (4-6). Diners can select from a medley of meats such as Sliced Beef, Pork Belly, Sliced Lamb, Thousand Layered Tripe, Boneless Duck Paw, and Beef Tripe just to name a few. They also offer blue crab, shrimp, squid, scallops, octopus, frog legs, and mussels.

Tons of teas to enjoy on the menu

Level with BBQ meats like prime brisket, Angus steak, beef bulgogi, short ribs, and premium ribeye steak. The full menu features an array of milk and fruit teas, and tons of desserts to nosh on if you have any room left after visiting the buffet.


Follow the restaurant on Facebook and Instagram in case you’re hungry for more teasers.

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