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Tampa gem King State opens new restaurant in downtown St. Pete

inside a cade with a bar and orange overhead lights
King State's bar seating leads through to a dedicated dining area with large windows and greenery around the tables

I have a lot of love for King State. Their Tampa coffee shop/bar/pizza kitchen/listening room is everything I ever wanted in a local hangout spot. I could wax poetic about its dynamic menu, or about the fantastic folks behind the counter, but to it put it simply, Yuh! King State crafts exceptional coffee, their cocktails absolutely rip, and their local merch game is unparralleled. It’s no surprise that a spot as beloved as King State would eventually grow. Our Tampa gem is now open on the other side of the Howard Frankland Bridge in the heart of downtown St. Pete at 15 8th Street North (right next door to CoHatch).

The beautiful space situated inside the historic Harlan Hotel features ample seating, plenty of room at the bar, beauitufl green plants, and stylish green tiling inside its epic bathroom that’s giving Wong Kar-wai/Wim Wenders vibes. It’s stylish, purposeful, and a fantastic addition to a neighboring city we adore. Apprecaite the Cross-Bay Ferry keeping us connected through the spring of 2024.


interior of a cafe with wooden bench seating
There are dedicated tables, cozy booths, and bar seating in the new King State space
bags of coffee in orange containers, and a refrigerator filled with with wine and beer
King State offers bags of its coffee, plus cans of its Green Dart beer, bottles of wine and more at its cafe

The hottest new restaurant in Tampa Bay

King State’s breafast menu includes a sensational tofu breakfast bowl with crsipy (and I mean crispy) potatoes, scallions, onions, and pepper. The breakfast menu offers a touch of New Jersey with a Taylor Ham/Pork Roll, egg, and cheese sandwich on a focaccia bun, and a chorizo breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs and queso fresco.

This is set to be the best new lunch and dinner destination in St. Pete (I’m a little biased, I suppose) with offers like King State Pilsner battered Florida fish tacos, ground Wagyu beef nachos, beer braised pork belly mac and cheese, delectable chicken thighs, flash fried brussels sprouts, and vegan burgers with red wine tomato jam and roasted garlic herb aioli.

a bowl of tofu, peppers, and potatoes in a white bowl
The Tofu Scramble Bowl with perfectly crisp potatoes

King State is a passion project for Chef BJ Wright

This all emenates from the brilliant culinary mind of Chef BJ Wright. BJ is originally from New Jersey with strong family ties to the US Virgin Islands, according to his bio. He has twenty-two years of experience in the culinary industry, many of them involving fine dinning. In addition to being the the Chef for King State St. Pete, he is also a partner in a full Wagyu meat shop in Palm Beach, called “Palm Beach Meats”. BJ participates in the BAYHAVEN Food and Wine festival in Charlotte, NC every year hosted by the James Beard Foundation. He is also partnering with Meacham Urban Farm in Tampa for a special dinner experience December 15 and 16. Tickets for that event are avaialble online.


exterior of a cafe with an orange brick facade and wrought iron balconies
King State is located in the historic Harlan Hotel in downtown St. Pete

It’s no secret that owner Tim McTague and Nate Young have created something special in Tampa Bay. Even Food & Wine recognized it as one of the best coffee shops in the entire country.

Visit KS Coffee:

  • 520 E Floribraska Ave, Tampa
  • 15 8th Street North, St. Pete

Keep up with King State on Instagram and its website.

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