King State Bar Opening Soon in Tampa Heights

It ‘s been a long time coming, but, finally, King State Coffee is about to kick the tires on their brick and mortar location. The crew is hosting a family night this Friday, June 21, and then will open the following week.

Local Boys


Coffee and brews in Tampa Heights

The local coffee roaster is a popular one in the area and now those in Tampa Heights will be able to get their Yirgacheffe fresh from the roasters themselves – YUH.

King State was launched back in 2014 by Tim McTague and Nate Young, two former touring musicians, and they have grown slowly to build up a following. Now that most people in the area are familiar, the time is right to launch their own spot and serve up the community off 520 E. Floribraska Ave.


Floribraska’s newest hot spot

However, the Tampa Heights location is not going to just be serving up some flavorful brews, the King State crew is merging food and coffee and some beer for good measure. The Floribraska locale will have 16 taps and 10 that King State can call their own. The beers posted on Instagram have looked heady and the food is going to be handled by Young’s sister.

If you don’t have a chance to slide though, King State has a sweet website and even offers a coffee subscription service for folks who really can’t kick the habit.


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