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Local coffee staple Kahwa Coffee opens up to franchising

Photo of Kahwa Coffee owners posing in front of roaster

Kahwa Coffee has been a part of the Tampa area coffee scene for more than 15 years. Owners Raphael and Sarah Perrier have opened more than a dozen Kahwa Coffee locations across Florida, and even have their coffee at Tampa International Airport. The Perriers were really the first to spark the coffee roasting movement in the Tampa Bay region. The founders of Kahwa have announced that the local coffee brand is now ready to franchise.

The team behind Kahwa made the following announcement: WE HAVE HUGE NEWS! You can now own your very own Kahwa Coffee cafe! Join us on this exciting new chapter in the Kahwa story. Visit our website to learn more about our franchise opportunities!”


Own your own Kahwa Coffee Cafe

“It all started when a girl met a barista and an idea was born. Raphael and Sarah Perrier moved to Tampa Bay aiming to create the best coffee company in the area.” Those charming lines aren’t the exposition to a summer romance film, they’re the roots of your local good coffee purveyors. Raphael and Sarah established their first award winning blends in 2005 and opened their first shop shortly after.  Now with over 15 locations, 1000+ wholesale partners and significant online presence, Kahwa Coffee Roasters is providing an incredible opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs to take their passion to the next level.

The team writes the following for potential franchisees:

“At Kahwa Coffee Roasters, we empower our franchise partners to grow beyond their potential. We are in the people business. We support communities, first responders, charities and local events. Like our customers, we view our franchisees as our extended family and offer our personalized and customizable service to fit their needs. Your success is our success.”


Visit Kahwa’s Tampa shops

Want to try Kahwa for yourself? Here’s a breakdown of their Tampa locations:

  • 3928 Henderson Boulevard
  • 808 N Tampa Street
  • 4600 N Dale Mabry Highway
  • 4400 N Dale Mabry Highway
  • 4200 George J Bean Highway

Kahwa has enjoyed substantial growth in the decade+ since it first opened. Last summer they debuted a new location in Dunedin. The Kahwa owners just recently celebrated their arrival at the University of South Florida’s St. Pete Campus.

Only time will tell where we see the Kahwa brand pop up next. We could even see a Kahwa in every state, or even a Kahwa Cafe abroad.

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