John Cena confirmed for final SmackDown of 2022 at Amalie Arena in Tampa

You CAN see John Cena, according to reports from Variety. The one and only Peacemaker himself is set for a WWE return on the December 30 episode of Friday Night SmackDown happening at Amalie Arena in downtown Tampa. We may finally get to see if Super Cena is Ucey or not. If Cena and Sami Zayn’s match from 2015 is any indication, these two performers have serious chemistry.

The white hot brand is deep into The Bloodline Family Saga. Will we get to see Cena interact with the seemingly unstoppable Roman Begins? Will the Doctor of Thuganamoics freestyle rap for the Tampa crowd? Will he just appear to say hi to the local crowd, throw some merchandise out and then bounce? We have no idea, but we wouldn’t mind seeing the five moves of doom return to the squared circle for one night only.


There are rumors surging that none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is set to face family member Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania in 2023. John Cena’s own history with The Great One could be used to tease that storyline development, and build a stronger narrative structure for the anticipated matchup at the show of shows.

Whatever Cena’s role is on the night, we’re just happy to see the charismatic superstar back in the WWE ring. He’ll pop the crowd. He’ll probably boost ratings, and his presence will most certainly fill up those seats. Tickets to the show at Amalie Arena are still available and can be purchased online. See Amalie’s website for a full list of upcoming events.


With John Cena making a return, can we also have Dave Bautista pop up for just one night? That’s our letter to Santa.

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