Tampa’s Jamison Breadhouse named best bread spot in Florida

a loaf of fresh baked bread next to a photo of a tall cinnamon roll covered in icing

Jamison Breadhouse’s creations are almost too pretty to eat, and the bakery was just named the best bread shop in the entire state of Florida by Food & Wine. Located at 3615 E 7th Ave Bld. C, has been a standout wholesale bread bakery since 2013. The pandemic caused the concept to pivot and it now operates drive-by markets on a rotating basis.

The next drive-by market is set for February 5, and the menu will be officially live on January 29. More details on the drive-by market are available online. What made this locally-owned bread house the best in the entire state of Florida?

Photo via Jamison B Breadhouse

Jamison Breadhouse supplies fresh breads to top chefs

It’s a family secret, but all the top chefs in the city know about Jamison Breadhouse. Previous to the pandemic, you could find their bread in restaurants across the region. Owners Blue and Jason Laukhuf work tirelessly to craft their bread.

From Food & Wine:

Jason, formerly the executive pastry chef at one of the country’s best steakhouses (Bern’s, like you had to ask), was tired of seeing frozen bread trucked into town from other places. By the end of the last decade, everything was going great. And then. Like so many other businesses that depended on restaurants for their survival, the bottom dropped out—the couple estimated that at one point in 2020, they’d lost half of their business. These days, things are mostly back to rights, but a pivot to at least some kind of regular retail operation seems to be here to stay. For bread lovers, Saturday morning pickups at the warehouse drive-through (necessity being the mother of invention, and all that) are a weekly highlight.

Photo via Jamison B Breadhouse

Drive-by markets set for the bakery

Want to keep up with Jamison Breadhouse? Follow the concept on Facebook and Instagram. Recent baked highlights include a “Jaconde Twankie with Hazelnut,” chestnut frangipane, galette de rois, passionfruit truffles, pepperoni naan flatbreads, matcha cruffins with a vanilla glaze, and vegan Bavarian pretzels.


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