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Indie Flea Moves Towards Zero Waste

The Tampa Indie Flea offers residents the opportunity to shop art, food, candles, vintage clothes, handmade furiniture and more from Tampa Bay-based makers the third Sunday of every month. Situated inside the historic Rialto Theatre on Franklin Street, the Indie Flea offers a glimpse at Tampa’s future within the frame of its exposed brick past.



Sustainability a major part of Indie Flea

Progress doesn’t end with just the revitalization of Tampa’s small business and startup scene. Indie Flea organizers Rosey Williams and Seanissey Loughlin are stepping up to make sustainability an essential part of their business.

At the May edition of the Indie Flea, those behind the market celebrated partnerships with the Suncoast Compost and Suncoast Surfrider Foundation to actively stand up for sustainability and the impact of events on the environment. Suncoast Compost was in attendance to assess and manage waste created at the market.



Suncoast Compost assits in zero waste initiative

The information they gathered on May 19 will be used to create a plan to move in the direction of zero waste at their events. Their efforts will help garner the Indie Flea the designation as the most sustainable market in the area and will help set examples for markets across the country.

Suncoast Compost’s services include composting all food and drink waste as well as ensuring appropriate separation of recycling and disposal of landfill trash. This push will be complemented by the ban of single use plastics from the Indie Flea.


Sister company makes similar ban on single use plastics

The Indie Flea’s sister company, St. Pete Indie Market, made a similar ban on single use plastics earlier in 2017. Single-use plastics refer to items like water bottles, plastic bags, plastic cutlery, to-go containers, straws and cups.

The Zero Waste Initiative extends beyond the Indie Flea. Organizers hope their efforts at the market can eventually extend to the city of Tampa at large, and possibly the greater Tampa Bay area.

Keep up with their latest vendor announcements and pop-up events by following them on their website, Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter.


*Photos via Tampa Indie Flea


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