HOTBINS, a store selling Amazon returns, makes anticipated debut in Tampa

Inside a shop with bins full of products at discount prices. the bings are red. A large sign reads "HotBins" at the far end of the store.

HOTBINS is a shop that has gone viral on TikTok, and it’s now open in Tampa. HOTBINS is best known as an Amazon resale store. This shop takes in overstock items and unwanted returns and sells them out of bins at wildly discounted prices. Though the founders note their bin store isn’t just an amazon return store.  “We’ve centered the focus around high-quality products and merged it with the concept of one-price-shopping,” writes HOTBINS on their website. In addition to overstock, liquidated and amazon returns, you’ll also find items from Walmart, Target, and Khols.

They start their week on a Friday with a new shipment of goods which is priced at only $12 each. The goal is to sell out that shipment in a week so throughout the week the prices drop: Saturday $10, Sunday $8, Monday $6 Tuesday $4, ends on Wednesday at just $2 per item. HOTBINS is closed on Thursdays to restock with a new shipment to start again on Friday.


HOTBINS brings wild discounts on premium items to Tampa

The new shop is located at 4001 E Busch Boulevard, not far from Busch Gardens. Some items in-store are new and never opened, while others are not. The owners are doing their part to keep some of these items out of landfills just because the box was damaged. 

First time shoppers should know that all items are sold “as is” final sale. Customers are allowed to see before they buy. If you want to see what’s inside just take the box/packages to the Unboxing Area inside the store and an employee will open it for you, with no obligation to buy. 

Follow Tampa HOTBINS on Facebook to see the wild lines, and the latest shipment drops.

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