Hong BBQ & Hot Pot brings all-you-can-eat experience to Tampa

A brand new all-you-can-eat restaurant is now open in Tampa. Please welcome Hong BBQ & Hot Pot to Tampa. Hat tip to Creative Loafing for putting this savory hotspot on our culinary radar. The new spot at 5840 E Fowler Ave. celebrated its grand opening on January 17.

“Introducing our upscale All-you-can-eat Chinese Hot Pot & Korean BBQ concept,” ahead of the grand opening. “Hong BBQ & Hot Pot is not just a meal, but an unforgettable taste of Asia.” The menu includes tons of boba tea and slushies, in addition to an array of beers and wines.


It costs $30.99 to do hot pot or Korean BBQ, or $35.99 for both dinner options. Kids 4-10 cost $15.99 for one style of dinner, or $21.99 for both.

Those looking to venture into the all you can eat realm be warned: the restaurant can charge you $13.99/pound for any wasted food, according to a report by Creative Loafing.

“Our Korean BBQ experience begins by firing up the grill at your table. All you can eat Korean BBQ, choose from our vast selection of beef, pork, chicken, seafood, and various vegetables; don’t forget to invite your grill master!” write the owners in a release. “While there are many side dishes to enjoy Korean BBQ with, the meats are definitely the main attraction. Many of the meats are already marinated, carefully crafted by our chefs, so all you need to do is grill it up and enjoy the amazing flavors of our Korean delicacies.”

Myriad proteins, rice, noodles, and soups line this menu — and you can enjoy a complete view of the treats available on the restaurant’s Facebook and website.

Hong BBQ & Hot Pot, 5840 E Fowler Ave


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