Hillsborough waiving adoption fees after 300+ dogs arrive from breeding facility

Small dog is inspected by vets after rescue

More than 300 dogs have been handed over to Hillsborough Pet Resource Center. The pups were said to be living in filthy, deplorable conditions and were completely overcrowded. The county is now inspecting the dogs one by one.

Numerous complaints had been filed against Trish’s All Breed Grooming. Animal Control Officers found dozens of dogs stuffed into crates meant for one or two at the most. Many of the dogs were in critical condition, and at least one dead puppy was discovered, according to a report from ABC Action News.


To keep up with the influx of new animals, Hillsborough Pet Resource Center is waiving pet adoption fees.

“With over 340 dogs coming from yesterday’s seizure, we are waiving all adoption fees for all of the dogs currently in our care,” officials from the resource center wrote in a Facebook post. “The dogs brought in yesterday are currently not available for adoption and will be held for at least 30 days.” 


Hillsborough Pet Resource Center has had to shut down all public intake for the time being. Emergency cases will still be handled by Hillsborough Animal Control officers. 

“We also encourage those who have considered fostering in the past to join our 60-Day Foster program,” wrote officials in another Facebook post.

The Resource Center has an Amazon wish list for anyone looking to donate. You can view animals available for adoption online.


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