Hidden Gems of Tampa: Mr. Mango at International Plaza

A kiosk to take seriously

Chamoy. If you don’t know the name you are forgiven. This Mexican condiment of pickled fruit – usually apricots, plums, or mangoes -is spicy, salty, sweet, and sour. Chamoy is good with just about anything but has some real history with the mango. If you want to know what I’m talking about, check out the hidden gem of International Plaza, Mr. Mango.

MANGOnificent. Mango Frappé with the toppings you like. Stop by and check us out @mrmango.international…

Posted by Mr.MangoTampa on Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Sweet or savory or hot as hell

This kiosk is right outside the doors when you leave the main mall area and head towards Bay Street. Mr. Mango lets you get your mango in a couple different ways, but they mostly revolve around being sweet or spicy. For the former, you can get your mango spirals with condensed milk, salt and lime or for you heat fiends you can get the El Diablo, which is mango spirals with hot sauce, chamoy, salt and lime.

You can customize these as you see fit and you can even get your mango in a frappe either sweet or spicy. Mr. Mango’s frappes are a nice option for kids or if you are not planning on hanging out at the mall very long. It also is a nice option if you have anyone who might be weirded out by a super long spiral of mango, which we have seen before.

A Mango Mountain of pure Happiness. Mr.Mango's mango bowl with salt, lime and Tajin 😋😋😋. Check us out and see what…

Posted by Mr.MangoTampa on Sunday, June 2, 2019

You’re welcome

Mr. Mango is really a domesticated version of the carts you see in cities like Chicago or New York or, of course, in cities across Mexico. The prices at the Mr. Mango mall kiosk are a little higher than what you might pay at a cart, but Mr. Mango offers a nice treat to walk around the mall, and also offers a nice introduction to Chamoy, which you can start to put on all sorts of things afterwards. Your welcome.

😎Sweet and Spicy🔥perfect compliment to each other. Check these two out @mrmango.international ..#mrmangointernational…

Posted by Mr.MangoTampa on Sunday, May 26, 2019

Try Mr. Mango at the International Plaza in the Bay Street area, hours vary.

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