Hidden Gems: Michelle Faedo’s Tampeño cuisine

Tampan, Tampeño, Tampanian, whatever you want to call the locals in this wonderful city, each echoes the vibrant flavor of Tampa. A new restaurant from Michelle Faedo, Michelle Faedo’s Tampaeño Cuisine, is a testament to the dishes that put this city on the map.

Michelle and her husband have been a team for more than 25 years, and their collective love of all things Tampa shines in what they’re serving to customers.


The beef and chicken empanadas have quickly become the stuff of legend. The restaurant’s generous portions and excellent catering service have also earned it high marks from customers. With 144 reviews calculated, the restaurant currently maintains a 4.9 rating.

Tampa-inspired dishes make an impression

What caught our attention?


The tennis ball-sized deviled crab balls, for one. The Tampa Cheesesteak, made with the thinly sliced ribeye steak, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions grilled to perfection of buttery Cuban bread, is a clutch lunch dish on those rare cold winter days.

The Bayshore Club is a seasoned stack of meat sure to satiate any carnivore. The sandwich is made with honey smoked ham, turkey, bacon, Gouda, mayo, mustard, pickles, arugula, tomatoes and house vinaigrette.

Craving more savory fare? Michelle’s house made roast pork is exquisite, especially when paired with Swiss cheese on Cuban bread.

The best 5 bucks you’ll spend in the city

The Cubanito might be the best $5 you spend in the city of Tampa. It’s a sandwich practically bursting with sweetness. Roast pork and honey smoked ham are topped with pickles and Swiss cheese on a slightly sweet coca bun.

Lighter bites include ham croquets, sweet plantains, unreal fried okra and sweet corn nuggets.

You can see more of Michelle Faedo’s specials on the restaurant’s Facebook page. You can experience the Tampeño cuisine at 1218 Ray Charles Boulevard.

What’s your favorite Tampa gem? Let us know in the comments and we might feature it next.


*Featured image courtesy of Michelle Faedo’s Tampeño Cuisine



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