Hendrick’s Cucumber-Slicing Vehicle Plans to Garnish Libations in Tampa

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing cocktail on a warm summer day in the city of Tampa. Whether enjoying a libation in the sunshine along the Riverwalk, or against the neon glow of one of the city’s hidden gems, Tampa is a place for spirit enthusiasts. Soon, a vehicle powered by a true affinity for fine spirits will find its way to our bustling city.

Cucumber slicing vehicle en route to Tampa 

World Cucumber Day inspired Hendrick’s Gin to take its craft on the road. The brand announced the launch of two new cucumber slicers. One, a tabletop petite garnisher, produces the perfect cucumber garnish in your home. The second, The Grand Garnisher, is, as Hendrick’s describes, an unusually prodigious semi-automated machine capable of slicing cucumbers while cruising at road speeds of up to 25mph.


The unlikely hybrid of a dapper gentleman pedaling a large-wheeled bicycle and a diesel motor helps make the grand garnisher work.

The vehicle made its maiden voyage to NYC on June 14 — which happens to be World Cucumber Day. Following the trip to the Big Apple, The Grand Garnisher now sets its sights on major cities across the US.

Refreshing craft cocktails ride into town this November

November 28-30, The Grand Garnisher will make a pit stop in Tampa. Cucumber slices will be delivered to patrons’ cups courtesy of a conveyer belt.

The means by which the perfect slice is made may seem arduous, but crafting the perfect cocktail is a meticulous labor of love.

Atlas Obscura expertly describes the process:

To operate the Hendrick’s Grand Garnisher, one must first climb atop the vessel’s crown, where ambassador Mark Stoddard cycles to keep the machine’s gears grinding. Near the gentleman’s hip rests a French Horn…or is it? Sliding a cucumber into this “instrument” activates the device’s culinary engine: an elaborate system of pneumatic tubing, interlocking gears and rotating blades.

Quick guide to Hendrick’s cocktails

Hendrick’s will also visit Jacksonville (November 16-18) and Miami (December 5-9) during its time in the Sunshine State. Hendrick’s will hit 21 cities across 15 states. Learn more about the tour on the Hendrick’s website.

What cocktails should you be prepared to savor?

  • Cucumber 75 — Hendrick’s Gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, cucumber wheels, dry sparkling wine.
  • Cucumber Basil Smash — Hendrick’s Gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, on small bunch of basil, three cucumber wheels.
  • Hendrick’s and Tonic — Hendrick’s Gin, premium tonic water.

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