Heat index to rise between 105-110 in Tampa

Photo of giant sailboat docked at Bayshore Boulevard

Have you been outside today? If you haven’t, [SPOILER ALERT] it’s hot. Like really really hot. Like Raiders of the Lost Ark and Wicked Witch of the West we’re melting hot. Forecasters say the heat index could hit between 105 and 110 today in the Tampa Bay region.

With Dorian moving away from the Sunshine State, our area’s chances of rain have plummeted to essential zero. The dry air is cranking up the humidity and spurring heat advisory warnings. So, how do you stay cool in Tampa when it’s this freaking hot? We have a few ideas.


Bo’s Ice Cream: This old school ice cream shop serves up wicked good dip cones and the upside down banana split is GLORIOUS.

Florida Aquarium: See gorgeous moon jellyfish. Observe sting ray and sea turtles and penguins and even more amazing creatures, all in the AC’d comfort of our local, history-making aquarium.

Mr. Mango at the International Mall: Escape the heat at the mall. Yes, mall hangouts are still a thing. The International Mall lets you shop at your favorite brands, and enjoy some exquisite food. Key example: Mr. Mango.

Lowry Parcade: Hot enough for ya? Cool off with a cold beer and some old school arcade games at the Tampa Treasure Lowry Parcade.

Gen X Tavern: Need to cool off with a rad trip back to the 90’s? You can do that at Gen X. The spot offers boozy Capri Sun and Sunny D, along with some wild retro cocktails that will make you feel like you just walked into your childhood bedroom.

Armature Works: A giant indoor food hall with ice cream, baked goods, healthy salads, boutique shops and WiFi? Yea, count us in. You can get work done, enjoy a cocktail, read a book, catch up with friends and more inside Tampa’s booming culinary hub.

If you’re feeling too hot to function and just need to sit down for a while somewhere that isn’t your house, we’d recommend catching a movie at the Tampa Theatre on Franklin Street.

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