UT students aim to set world record for largest hammock hangout

A group displaying the Dynamic Hammock

A local hammock company founded by a pair of University of Tampa sophomores is attempting to set a new world record at the St. Pete Pier this October. Coast to Coast Hammock Co. is inviting the city to come out and help set the record for the ‘World’s Largest Hammock Hangout.’

The record-setting attempt takes place on Saturday, October 22 from 6-9 pm in Family Park at the St. Pete Pier, and is part of the launch of the ‘Dynamic Hammock,’ a one-of-a-kind new hammock designed by Coast to Coast Hammock Co. The current record is 125, so organizers are bringing out 130 hammock stands in an effort top the mark.

Company co-founders say the event will bring a full-on festival vibe to the pier, complete with live music, food trucks, and plenty of relaxation by the water. That’s So Tampa favorites like Blind Tiger Coffee Co., The Birria Bros, Violet Stone Pizza, and The Hampton Chocolate Factory ice cream truck will be on hand, as well as several others, with food and drink also available from Spa Beach Bistro.

The co-founders of Coast to Coast Hammock Co.
The co-founders of Coast to Coast Hammock Co.

As for participation in the record-setting portion of the night, the event is BYOH (bring your own hammock), and stands will be provided to the first 130 people to purchase tickets. Anyone can stop by and spectate for free, but a ticket is required to participate in the record setting. Reservations are available now for $15.

In addition to breaking records, attendees will be able to test out the first prototypes of the Dynamic Hammock, as five of them will be on display and open for anyone to use. The launch is also serving as a kickstarter for the company to order its first round of 1,000 of their specially designed hammocks. Those who donate $125 or more to the kickstarter will be the first to receive the new hammock, at the lowest price it will ever be available.


Coast to Coast Hammock Co. is a local success story

While the hammock itself will be unique, the story behind it is perhaps even moreso. Two students at the University of Tampa, Haley and Sophie, met last year as freshmen when they sat next to each other in Business 101. The new friends went hammocking together, and as temperatures dropped with the setting sun, they got chilly and realized they had the same complaints about all the hammocks on the market.

Inspired by the classes they were taking, they took it upon themselves to start designing their own hammock. They bought a sewing machine and got to work, committed to solving what they saw as the three main problems with hammocking: the ever-changing outside temperature, the lack of neck support, and the absence of a way to safely store your belongings.

A person on a hammock

The duo took their idea to Pitch Skyes at UT, explaining their proposal to a board of business advisors and receiving feedback. They came up with a prototype that met all of their qualifications. And then they lined up a manufacturer to produce their perfect hammock in mass. Now, a year after first meeting and devising their plan, Coast to Coast Hammock Co. is prepared to launch the Dynamic Hammock, “a new way of hammocking and a better way of life,” founded right here at home.

The Dynamic Hammock provides transportable comfort and ease

As for the product itself, the Dynamic Hammock is a 3-in-1 hammock system made with premium diamond ripstop nylon, a deluxe snap-on blanket, and an inflatable pillow. Conveniently, the entire hammock seamlessly transforms into a backpack for easy toting around.

The World’s Largest Hammock Hangout will be the first time the Dynamic Hammock will be available for pre-order, and the kickstarter campaign will allow the young company to make its first order from the manufacturer. Tickets for stand reservations are available now, and on the day of while supplies last.


Post kickstarter, Coast to Coast Hammock Co. will begin donating a portion of proceeds to Mental Health America. The founders took to hammocking as a way to ease the stresses of school life, and they want to make sure they are able to do the same for others, through non-profits as well as the hammocks themselves.

“As college students, we found ourselves, as well as our peers, struggling with anxiety,” they explained. “Hammocking offered us an escape and we want to share that experience with others. At Coast to Coast, we prioritize overall wellness and mental health. Our mission is to help you reach a level of relaxation to eliminate the stresses of everyday life.”

Find more information on the company at coasttocoasthammockco.com, and check out the event page for more details on the record setting event. The World’s Largest Hammock Hangout takes place Saturday, October 22 from 6-9 pm at Family Park on the St. Pete Pier.


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