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Hales Blackbrick opening new restaurant in Hyde Park

rendering of a wrap around bar with a stylized glass wall separating the bar and dining areas
Hales Blackbrick will debut at 1809 W Platt St in 2024

Hales Blackbrick, currently serving patrons at 4812 N Dale Mabry Highway, is set to open a new location in Hyde Park in 2024 at 1809 W Platt St. This expansion marks a significant milestone for owner Chef Richard Hales, a third-generation Tampa native whose family has been part of the community since 1954.

Chef Hales, renowned for his mastery of Asian cuisine, returned to his hometown after 25 years of honing his craft, opening award-winning restaurants, and making memorable appearances on the Food Network, where he has earned the admiration of culinary icons such as Guy Fieri. His return to Tampa is marked by a dedication to using the finest ingredients and locally sourced produce, showcased in a seasonal menu that reflects his expertise and creativity.


Hales Blackbrick will open at 1809 W Platt St

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The ambiance at Hales Blackbrick is eclectic, with an elevated level of service that complements Chef Hales’ unique take on Chinese cuisine. Describing himself as an “unpure purist,” Chef Hales brings a wealth of flavors from his global travels back to Florida, resulting in a menu that is both innovative and deeply rooted in tradition.

Signature dishes like Brisket and Lobster Noodle Dishes, Paella Fried Rice, and Fried Chicken and Honey Dumplings are highlights on the main menu, designed to impress and satisfy. For those seeking a more curated experience, the chef’s tasting menu offers a culinary journey through some of Chef Hales’ most celebrated creations.

a piece of chocolate cake
The famous 10 layer cake at Hales Blackbrick

10 layer chocolate cake, shrimp egg rolls, and more must-try items

Diners are encouraged to try standout items such as Sichuan Cauliflower, Chili and Garlic Smacked Cucumbers, Smoked Duck Soup Dumplings, and Richard’s Grandmother’s Shrimp Egg Rolls—each dish crafted to deliver an unforgettable dining experience.


With the upcoming Hyde Park location, Hales Blackbrick continues to bring exceptional Asian-inspired cuisine to Tampa, promising an engaging and flavorful experience for all who visit. Chef Richard Hales invites everyone to explore his unique culinary vision and the diverse tastes that define Hales Blackbrick.

Visit the restaurant’s website and Instagram to learn more about the concept.


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